Course: Marketing Research

This course examines the research methods and techniques for problem solving in marketing. Topics include research process and information collection methods, sampling, data and statistical analysis, forecasting and presenting results.

Course enrollment page: Marketing Research
Course syllabus: Marketing Research, Spring 2016 (doc)
Course textbook: Essentials of Marketing Research, 2nd Edition. By Hair, Bush, and Ortinau. McGraw-Hill. 2012.

The course content table below includes chapter content, case studies (with supporting files), web resources, and relevant videos.

Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Meeting 1.
Chapter 1. Introduction
Case 1. Project Selection (doc);
Sample Research Report (ppt)
Group Project Teamwork Skills Marketing Research for Small Businesses (03:05)
Meeting 2.
Chapter 2. Research Process;
Chapter 3. Secondary Data
Case 2. Data Collection (doc) IBISWorld Industry Reports (link) Business Research Basics (9:59);
Finding NAICS Codes (2:24);
Quick Market Metrics (6:00) ;
Background Research (6:38);
Treasures of the Third Floor (4:34)
Meeting 3.
Chapter 4. Observational Data (ppt);
Chapter 5. Causal Research (ppt)
Case 3. Ethnographic research (doc) Ethnographic Research: Primer (2:21);
Ethnographic Research: How Americans Eat (4:38)
Meeting 4.
Chapter 6. Sampling (ppt);
Chapter 7. Measurement and Scaling (ppt)
Case 4. Sample Sizing (doc) Minimum sample size (5:45);
Confidence interval (8:16) ;
MS Excel: Scales and levels of measurement (9:59);
Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio Data (11:04)
Meeting 5.
Chapter 8. Questionnaires (ppt)
Case 5. Questionnaires (doc) Online survey tools:
Kwik Surveys;
MS Word: Creating Questionnaires (9:17)
Meeting 6.
Chapter 9. Qualitative Data Analysis (ppt)
MS Excel: Qualitative Data Analysis;
Analyzing Qualitative Data (14:24)
Meeting 7.
Chapter 10. Data Preparation (ppt);
Chapter 11. Data Analysis (ppt)
Case 6. Data Analysis (doc);
Case 6 Dataset (xls)
MS Excel: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (9:59);
Regression in Excel (5:15)
Meeting 8.
Chapter 12. Examining Relationships (ppt)
Case 7. Difference Testing (doc);
Case 7 Dataset (xls)
Malcolm Gladwell on Segmentation(17:33);
Market Segmentation Based on Motivation (12:57)
Meeting 9.
Chapter 13. Communicating Findings (ppt)
No case Pimp My PowerPoint (2:58)
Meeting 10.
No lecture; Presentation of team research projects
No case

Marketing Research Technologies

Category Tutorials Web Resources Videos
Technology: Market Research Survey Monkey Tutorials:
Creating Surveys; Collecting Responses; Analyzing Results
Online Survey Best Practices Design Best Practices (16:05);
Question Types (11:40);
Creating Surveys (1:01)
Technology: Microsoft Excel Excel Tutorials:
Up to Speed;
Entering Formulas;
Creating Charts;
Pivot Tables I
Mac Add-In for Analysis ToolPak: AnalystSoft StatPlus;
Mac Add-In for Solver: Frontline Solver;
Windows Add-In: Analysis ToolPak: Loading instructions; Tutorial;
Windows Add-In: Solver: Loading instructions; Tutorial
Installing StatPlus for Apple Mac;
Using StatPlus for Apple Mac
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