Book: "Marketing Planning: Where Strategy Meets Action"

Marketing Planning BookMarketing Planning: Where Strategy Meets Action offers marketing students and professionals a practical, step by step guide to creating marketing plans that deliver measurable results. It presents a comprehensive framework for strategic marketing planning and outlines a structured approach for developing effective marketing plans. The approach uses numerous figures, checklists, and decision charts to leverage proven marketing techniques and market data for high quality marketing plans. The book is packed with current examples, culminating in a complete sample marketing plan that demonstrates the book’s unique approach. The book is ideal for planning-related courses in upper-level undergraduate and lower-level graduate school programs, as well as for business executives seeking a competitive edge in the speed and quality of their marketing planning.

The book is available at multiple locations:
Barnes & Noble
Pearson publishing (Instructors Only)

The book is published by Pearson, the world's largest textbook publisher. With $9.1B in 2010 revenue, Pearson surpasses other textbook publishers, such as McGraw Hill ($6.2B), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ($3.0B), and Wiley ($1.9B).

Chapter Title Description
Chapter 1 The Planning Process Marketing plan outline and process
Chapter 2 Objectives Objectives of plan, in S.M.A.R.T. format
Chapter 3 Market Overview Market description, sizing, and trends
Chapter 4 Market Segments Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
Chapter 5 Competitive Landscape Competitive framework and research
Chapter 6 Strategy Strategies based on market opportunities
Chapter 7 Products and Services Product tactics and value propositions
Chapter 8 Pricing Pricing tactics, objectives, and approaches
Chapter 9 Distribution Distribution intensity, levels, and logistics
Chapter 10 Promotion Promotion tactics, including social media.
Chapter 11 Finance Break-even, pro forma income, and capital budgeting
Chapter 12 Implementation Project schedules and control metrics
Chapter 13 Sample Marketing Plans Report-based and 10-slide formats


  • What sets this new Marketing Planning textbook apart from other marketing textbooks?
    "Marketing Planning: Where Strategy Meets Action" applies an analytics-based approach to leverage proven marketing techniques and market data for high quality plans. I am not aware of other textbooks that take this approach, which is so critical for people to learn for 21st centrury marketing and business.
  • What are the latest trends in marketing that people should be aware of?
    Organizations are now more critical than ever about effective execution of marketing efforts. Bad plans generally result in bad execution, so books like this one are highly relevant today.
  • What does the book discuss that most people don't already know?
    In today's dynamic business world, traditional approaches, such as fill-in-the-blanks marketing templates and fill-in-the-fields computer programs are no longer sufficient. In addition, executives do not have time to build their plan from scratch. This book offers a compelling option for marketers and other business leaders: an easy-to-follow guide to producing plans that are twice as good (by hitting on the topics most important to senior leaders) in half the time (through its structured approach). The process is based on years of research in some of the world's most innovative businesses.
  • Why is this topic important to me? What is my general philosophy on it?
    In researching textbooks for my Strategic Marketing Planning course, I discovered that available books missed some important elements. I have spent more than a decade in businesses with smart business leaders, and in classrooms with smart students, to identify the missing elements and create a new way. The new way incorporates the insights gleaned from my discussions with executives and students. The new way also applies tried-and-true marketing knowledge, as well as updated analytical techniques. The result is an easy-to-follow guide that combines the best of both worlds: a streamlined framework that takes into account modern challenges, anchored in academic robustness.
  • How long did the project take?
    Writing a textbook for a major publisher is no easy task. It took more than two years of hard work of focusing and refocusing the information shared in the book so that relevant content was delivered to the readers. I committed to the book to ensure it was as easy-to-read and useful as I could make it. So, the time invested in developing the book was well worth it.
  • What are the top three tips people should know about marketing planning?
    First, effective marketing planning is essential for effective execution. Second, organizations are placing more value than ever before on outstanding execution. Third, you need a competitive edge in your ability to plan and execute. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Failing to plan is indeed planning to fail."
  • If you had only three words to sum up this book, what would they be? An early reviewer described the book in an insightful and accurate way. He called the book Comprehensive, Practical, and Streamlined. I could not have said it better myself.
"Please all and you will please none."
- Aesop