Book: "Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics"

Marketing Analytics Book Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics gives marketing students and professionals a practical, structured, and comprehensive guide to marketing analytics. The book covers a variety of different strategic models and metrics to aid marketers in quantifying and monitoring their marketing efforts, as well as predicting their results. With the additional insight, marketers can make better decisions and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing budget.

The book includes almost 500 pages of text and nearly 400 figures, diagram, tables, and charts to illustrate the concepts. The book is also packed with current examples showing how marketing can indeed be measurable.

The book is ideal for analytics-related courses in upper-level undergraduate and lower-level graduate school programs. It is also recommended for business executives who are held accountable for results, and who want to show how their efforts relate to organizational outcomes.

The book is available in both Print and Ebook (Kindle) formats. An Amazon Listmania list includes the book, as well as related marketing analytics books. The book contains the following sections:

Chapter Title Description
Chapter 1 Introduction Introduction to marketing analytics, models, and metrics
Chapter 2 Market Insight Market data sources, sizing, PESTLE trend analysis, and Porter five forces analysis
Chapter 3 Market Segmentation Market segment identification, targeting, and positioning
Chapter 4 Competitive Analysis Competitor identification, intelligence gathering, analysis, and strategy
Chapter 5 Business Strategy Analytics-based strategy selection, with strategic models and metrics
Chapter 6 Business Operations Forecasting, predictive analytics, data mining, balanced scorecard, and critical success factors
Chapter 7 Product and Service Analytics Conjoint analysis model, decision tree model, portfolio resource allocation
Chapter 8 Price Analytics Pricing techniques, pricing assessment, pricing for business markets, price discrimination
Chapter 9 Distribution Analytics Retail location selection, distribution channel evaluation, and multi-channel distribution
Chapter 10 Promotion Analytics Promotion budget estimation and allocation, promotion metrics for traditional media and social media
Chapter 11 Sales Analytics Ecommerce sales model, sales metrics, profitability metrics, support metrics
Chapter 12 Analytics in Action Rapid decision models, Excel excellence, data-driven presentations


The book is available through and other major distributors.

  • U.S.-based Students and Business Professionals: Order the book directly from the website.
  • International Students and Business Professionals: Order the book through the relevant Amazon website for your area, such as that for Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and Spain.
  • Retailers: Order through Amazon CreateSpace's Direct Reseller Program.
  • Universities and Libraries: Order via ISBN through major book distributors such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Online ordering can be accomplished via tools such as BookManager.

Revision History

The book is revised periodically to keep current in the dynamic field of marketing analytics.

  • Edition 1, Version 1.0: Introduced January 2013.
  • Edition 1, Version 1.1: Introduced November 2013. Incorporated minor corrections and edits. Maintained same page layout as Version 1.0.
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