Books and Book Recommendations by Stephan Sorger

Books by Stephan Sorger

Marketing Analytics Book Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics gives marketing students and professionals a practical, structured, and comprehensive guide to marketing analytics. The book covers a variety of different strategic models and metrics to aid marketers in quantifying and monitoring their marketing efforts, as well as predicting their results.

Marketing Planning Book Marketing Planning: Where Strategy Meets Action offers marketing students and professionals a practical, step by step guide to creating marketing plans that deliver measurable results. It presents a comprehensive framework for strategic marketing planning and outlines a structured approach for developing effective marketing plans.

New Product Development book: Coming soon.

Recommended Books

The tables below show books for a variety of topics, as well as descriptions and comments.
Title Description and Comments
Analytics at Work Analytics book about how to apply analytics at the workplace. More focus on general approaches than actual execution.
Statistics: An Introduction using R This is the book I use for my "Statistics with R" course. Recommended: Many good hands-on examples.

Title Description and Comments
Think and Grow Rich 5620 reviews on Amazon. The #16 most read book ever. It will change your life. My highest recommendation.
How to Win Friends and Influence People 6147 reviews on Amazon. The #9 most read book ever. This book will transform your career. My highest recommendation.
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