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Price Analytics Book Price Analytics: Strategy, Tactics and Execution offers pricing students and professionals a practical, structured, and comprehensive guide to price analytics. The book includes price models, decision-making tools, numerical examples, industry examples, and more than 500 figures. The insight gained from the book can drive organizational profitability and customer delight.

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Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Sample Syllabus(pdf)
Sample Case
Sample Case Study
(pdf); (ppt)
Case Study Grading Form
Chapter 1.
Introduction (ppt)
Theatre Arts: Pay Per Laugh (2:04)
Chapter 2.
Price and Economics (ppt)
Case 02 (doc) Case 02 (xls) Economics and Pricing (4:46) The Demand Curve (3:30) The Supply Curve (2:54) The Equilibrium Price (4:50)
"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
- Sir Winston Churchill