Course: Data Science

Data Science: This class is designed to provide insights into the concepts of Data Science and Analytics. It provides an overview of various tools suh as advanced Microsoft Excel, SQL, and R to analyze huge sets of data and explains the theory of formulating statistical models using regression analysis. Also, the course introduces segmentation theory and methods such as agglomerative clustering using Ward's method.

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The course uses the book, "Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics." Click on the Books tab to learn more about the book.

Course Description Syllabus
COMPSCI X407.9 Data Science and Analytics
Get an overview of tools such as advanced Microsoft Excel, SQL, and R to perform analysis on huge sets of data.

The course content table below includes chapter content, case studies (with supporting files), web resources, and relevant videos.

Case Study Solutions are available by going to the Contact page and sending a note requesting them. You must be an educator, a professional not taking a marketing analytics course, or a student with permission from your professor to get the case study solutions.

Data Science Master Content Table (Sample)

Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Unit 1.
Introduction (pdf) (ppt)
Career articles:
Data Science in Action;
"Data Analysts: The New Masters of the Universe"
"Hunt for Analytics Talent Hots Up";
IBM battling Parkinson's with Big Data;
Adage: Data is the New Black

Day in Life of Data Scientist
Positioning Yourself as Data Scientist (15:10)

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
- Sir Winston Churchill