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Marketing Analytics: This page provides course content for marketing analytics courses.

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To recognize the different needs of different individuals and universities, several different course structures are shown. The table below includes suggested content and syllabi for a typical quarter-term MBA or advanced undergraduate course of 8-10 weeks (called "Marketing Analytics I" in the table), a follow-on course (called "Marketing Analytics II" in the table), a typical semester-length course of 14-16 weeks (called "Semester Course" in the table), and a typical short course of 5 weeks (called "Short Course" in the table).

All courses shown use the same book, "Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics." Different sections of the book are used for different courses.

Course Description Syllabus
Marketing Analytics I
Introduction to marketing analytics models and metrics, such as market sizing, positioning, forecasting, predictive analytics, pricing, budget allocation, communicating through data, and more.
UCBX 466.3;
USF MBA 6322;
UCBX BUS ADM 466.4 USF MBA 6323;
Marketing Analytics II:
Explore advanced marketing analytics models and metrics, such as segmentation, regression, competitive analysis, conjoint analysis, and others.
UCBX 466.4;
USF MBA 6323;
USF BUS 465 USF BUS 465 Marketing Analytics:
Full-length semester course in marketing analytics
UCBX IDP 467.6 Short Course:
Syllabus shows suggested sequence for a short (5 week) intro course.
UCBX IDP 467.6

The course content table below includes chapter content, case studies (with supporting files), web resources, and relevant videos.

Case Study Solutions are available by going to the Contact page and sending a note requesting them. You must be an educator, a professional not taking a marketing analytics course, or a student with permission from your professor to get the case study solutions.

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Marketing Analytics Master Content Table: Abridged

Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Chapter 1.
(pdf); (ppt)
Case 1A.
Project Selection I
(pdf); (doc)
Case 1B.
Project Selection II
(pdf); (doc)
Career articles: "Data Analysts: The New Masters of the Universe"
"Hunt for Analytics Talent Hots Up"
marketing analytics
Age of Analytical Marketing
Chapter 2.
Market Insight
(pdf); (ppt)
Case 2.
Market Sizing: Laundry Detergent Market
(pdf); (doc)
Google Ninja: Search Tips; IBISWorld Industry Reports marketing metricsBusiness Research Basics (9:59); Finding NAICS Codes (2:24); Porter 5 Forces Model (13:12); Quick Market Metrics (6:00)
Analytics Project:
Model Development (pdf); (ppt)
Sample Project: Promotion Allocation:
Sample Project: Forecasting: (pdf);
Sample Project: Pricing: (pdf)
Group Project Teamwork Skills;
Tuckman's Team Model
marketing metrics
Working in Groups

Analytics Technologies

Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Category Overview
(pdf); (ppt)
Competitive Analysis Tools
(pdf); (ppt)
Data Analysis Software:
(pdf); (ppt)
R Download (Free):
R for Microsoft;
R for Apple
"The Popularity of Data Analysis Software";
R to Surpass SAS and SPSS by 2015?
Lynda: SPSS
(5 hr 5 min);
Coursera: Computing for Data Analysis (with R);
Getting Started with R (16:30);
Regression in R (16:40)
Data Visualization
(pdf); (ppt)
Sample Data Sets;
Dataset: Aircraft Bird Strikes (xlsx, 10MB, from FAA);
Sample Tableau Visualization
Tableau Training Videos;
Intro to Tableau Public (9:50)
Marketing Automation
Forbes: Zeroing In On Leads with Pardot;
Must-have emails for marketing automation
Pardot Overview (2:12)
Technology: Market Research Survey Monkey Tutorials:
Creating Surveys; Collecting Responses; Analyzing Results
Online Survey Best Practices Design Best Practices (16:05);
Question Types (11:40);
Creating Surveys (1:01)
Technology: Microsoft Excel Excel Tutorials:
Up to Speed;
Entering Formulas;
Creating Charts;
Pivot Tables I
Mac Add-In for Analysis ToolPak: AnalystSoft StatPlus;
Mac Add-In for Solver: Frontline Solver;
Windows Add-In: Analysis ToolPak: Loading instructions; Tutorial;
Windows Add-In: Solver: Loading instructions; Tutorial
Installing StatPlus for Apple Mac;
Using StatPlus for Apple Mac
Social Media Measurement
(pdf); (ppt)
AdAge: Social Media Impact on Sales Social Media Analytics (6:21)
Technology: Structured Query Language (SQL)
(pdf); (ppt)
Dataset: MySQL Sample Databases (link) Download MySQL Community Server(Windows and Mac) What is Database & SQL?(6:19);
Introduction to MySQL(3:07);
MySQL for Excel(4:41)
"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
- Sir Winston Churchill