Course: Information Systems

This course covers an overview of Information Systems (IS) infrastructures and its use in today's global business environment. Students will learn how to select and use information, knowledge, and technology to gain competitive advantage in the industry.

Course syllabus: Information Systems (doc)
Course textbook: Introduction to Information Systems, 2nd Edition. By Wallace. Pearson. 2015.

The course content table below includes chapter content, case studies (with supporting files), web resources, and relevant videos.

Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Module 1.
Chapter 1. Information Systems and People (ppt);
Chapter 2. Information Systems and Strategy (ppt);
Chapter 3. Information and Communications Technologies (ppt)
Information Systems Security: University College at the University of Denver (02:09);
Information Systems Resources: Networks, Hardware, Software, Data, and People (02:04)
Module 2.
Chapter 4. Databases and Data Warehouses;
Chapter 5. Information Systems for the Enterprise (ppt);
Chapter 6. The Web, ECommerce, and MCommerce (ppt);
Benefits of a Data Warehouse (3:17);
Ecommerce Case Study: Yihaodian (2:21)
Module 3.
Chapter 7. Business Intelligence and Decision Making (ppt);
Chapter 8. Collaborating with Technology (ppt);
Chapter 9. Knowledge Management and E-Learning (ppt)
What is BI? (4:28);
Knowledge Management in 87 seconds (1:28);
Module 4.
Chapter 10. Ethics, Privacy and Security (ppt);
Chapter 11. Systems Development and Procurement (ppt);
Chapter 12. Project Management and Strategic Planning
Computer Ethics - Online Privacy (5:00);
Applying Tuckman's Model to the Phases of Project Management(3:05)

Information Systems Technologies

Category Tutorials Web Resources Videos
Technology: Microsoft Access Part 1: Terminology;
Part 2: Planning the Database;
Part 3: Access Interface;
Part 4: Customer Table, Part 1;
Part 5: Customer Table, Part 2;
Part 6: Entering Data, Part 1;
Part 7: Entering Data, Part 2;
Part 8: Sort and Filter;
Part 9: Queries;
Part 10: Customer Form;
Part 11: Customer Reports;
Part 12: Review