Course: Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior This courseoffers a balanced coverage of consumer behavior, including psychological, social and managerial implications. Through projects based on in-store studies, as well as observational and experimental research, students gain essential tools to better understand consumer behavior. Specifically, the course rests on three foundations: (1) applying consumer behavior concepts in real life situations, (2) understanding and applying existing theory and data relevant to consumer behavior from psychology, economics and other social sciences, and (3) gathering data with important consumer behavior research techniques (for example, use of experimental methods).

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The course uses the following books:
Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being; 12th Edition. Solomon. Pearson 2017.
Predictably Irrational: Ariely. Harper Perennial. 2008, 2010.

Course Description Syllabus
USF BSM 3063 Consumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior Course

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Course Content Case Studies Web Resources Videos
Chapter 1.
Buying, Having, and Being
Chapter Case Study:
Honda's Asimo
Honda Asimo: Website;
Honda Asimo: Say Hello to Asimo;
Honda Asimo: Disaster response research
Dan Ariely: Predictably Irrational (18:43);
Using Consumer Psychology to Understand Buyer Behavior (5:01) ;
Honda Asimo: GOOOAAALLL! (3:59) ;
Honda Asimo Demo (4:16)
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